This may come as a shock to many as it has to ourselves.

Saddler’s Furnishings from this point forward has now ceased trading. Due to unforeseen, harsh circumstances the company is being placed into liquidation. All outstanding orders will be fulfilled and delivered and we will not be able to take any further orders.
Our website has been deactivated along with our ebay selling page. All social media, email accounts and other online entities relating to ourselves will follow suit shortly.
If you are experiencing any issues with your orders then please contact us asap and we will do our best to rectify, but cannot promise this will be possible.

We would like to take the time to thank our members of staff, who have unfortunately lost their positions, for their hard work & support.
We would also like to thank our customers for the many years of support & custom they have given to us.

This is an unfortunate time for those affected and we would like to apologise for any hard feeling or inconvenience caused or that may be caused.

It is very hard for us to say goodbye, but we have been left with no choice.

All the best for the future to our staff and customers.

Signing out………

Saddler’s Furnishings